Saturday, March 13, 2010

Microfiber Bath Towels and Face Cloths

I gotta say that the Norwex Microfiber Bath and Body products ROCK!

I treated myself to two X-large Antibac Microfiber Bath Towels and two Large Antibac Microfiber Bath Towels.  Where I live in Williams Lake the smell of the water leaves a fowl odor on used bath towels even with one use, I was continually washing my towels which alone was a huge strain on our water system and then the wasted hydro to dry those thick towels for an hour (even with dryer balls!).

The Norwex Antibac Microfiber Bath Towels absorb a huge amount of water and hardly feel wet and NEVER feel like a cold wet towel which I love, plus they have silver embedded info the fibers of the towel so that bacteria can't grow and cause those fowl odors.  I can reuse the same towels for weeks and they smell like they have just been washed!  SERIOUSLY!  It is actually quite fun to have my mommy friends over and make them smell my towels and then tell them I haven't washed them for weeks!  They know how much the towels get used with bathing smelly kids daily! haha  Any mom knows also how much laundry is in a household and towels add to that so reducing how much laundry is a huge time saver!

If you are thinking about purchasing some you won't regret it!  The X-Large size is the size you want for adults if you like to wrap up after a shower or bath, the Large size won't even wrap around me.  But for kids the Large size is perfect.  That said the large size will absorb all the water off you if you aren't a wrap up kind of person! 

The only honest negative comment I could make is these towels will make your dry hands feel like velcro on know that horrible "grabby" feel of microfiber!  But I have gotten used to it and its not bad...just a noticeable difference from regular towels.  Also they don't slide on your body like regular towels they grab at that water but once again, when you get rid of smelly towels this negative items seem hardly an issue!

The Antibac Turban is also a huge hit in my family!  Never again do you have to worry about spending hours drying your hair, or have your hair wrap fall off in the middle of getting dressed!  I even take it too the pool and wrap up Kalli's hair once we get out of the hot tub and it makes a stylish toque for the ride home!  Not too mention it never ever smells from the chlorine either!  I sell lots of them to clients who continually rave about less drying time, less hair static etc.  The Norwex Antibac Turban makes an awesome gift for hard to buy people!

And last but certainly not least the Antibac Body Pack face cloths like never before!  They actually remove mascara!  They are very soft and thin, which makes wringing water out a breeze for small or senior hands!  The microfiber is very exfoliating as well!  Great for people with sensitive skin or acne too!  They make a fabulous travel facecloth as it just needs to be rinsed with water and hung to dry and you can reuse it for days!  They come in a pack of 3 with your choice of Neutral or Vibrant color tones.  Or if you have kids you can get the Antibac Baby Body Pack available in a smaller size in pastel colors, a great baby gift!

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