Saturday, January 8, 2011

Norwex Oven And Grill Cleaner

This is a new product that I have started to take to my shows, the photos will explain why!  Most people who come to a party and purchase this say they would NEVER have paid almost $40 for an oven cleaner had they not have seen it in use.

A new neighbor and now friend moved into my neighborhood this summer, the people who sold her the house neglegted to clean their oven...can you see why?  EWW.

We got chatting and she told me she had to tackle her nasty oven and I asked if she would like to try the new Norwex Oven and Grill Cleaner and allow me to take photos of the outcome.  Up to this point I hadn't ordered it in to try it because of the high price (in comparison to other cleaners).
Here is her oven before.

Here is her oven after!

The Norwex Oven and Grill cleaner is way better in my opinion that the usual products.  You don't have to lay down a bunch of newspaper, spray the oven then vacate the building for half an hour due to the toxic odour.  You simply spray and wait a few minutes then wipe out with a Norwex Enviro Cloth.

Amazing!  I love it!  Definately worth the cost!

You can also use this on a self clean oven providing you DO NOT use it with the self clean process!

To purchase this on my website click here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Replacement Toilet Brush for Sanira System

Do you need to replace your Norwex Sanira System toilet brush?

You can now order on my website a replacement brush for your system!

$10.00 to replace your toilet brush click here to purchase on my website!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Norwex Silver Care Toothbrush

Can you guess what this is?

This is the bristol of a toothbrush under a microscope!

Treat you and your family to a Norwex Silver Care Toothbrush today!

I LOVE mine, in fact my whole family loves them.
My husband is a very HARD brusher and kills a toothbrush in no time, the Silver Care Toothbrush stands up to his aggressive brushing much better than a normal toothbrush!
I love that I can pop out the back of my toothbrush and clean it and love that the entire head is made of silver to prevent bacteria!

The amount of colds my family has had has reduced since using the toothbrush too!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Norwex Laundry Pre Wash

Norwex Laundry Pre Wash

This summer I got a chance to put the Norwex Laundry Pre Wash to work...
CHERRIES, my family loves them, but they sure make a mess!

Here are some before and after photos on a pair of my shorts...just see the difference!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Having problems with Norwex Dryer Balls?

I had a concern brought to my attention, a client was finding her clothes coming out crunchy or stiff with the Norwex Dryer Balls, this baffled me as I had never found that at home, nor have other clients have had this problem.  The client called me back about a week later and realized if she turned the temperature setting down on her dryer, the clothes came out beautiful and soft as I had promised.  So note to people with high temperature dryers...try turning the head down!

Static is another problem brought to my attention...the only time I have ever had static be a problem with the Norwex Dryer Balls is if I have dried clothing way past the necessary drying time (my dryer doesn't have a timer and I get caught now and again), or if I don't pull out my fast drying clothing like microfiber, fleece etc once they are dry.  If you have mixed laundry make sure you pull out the items that dry fast after about 5 or 10 minutes depending on your dryer.

And lastly cracking, only one person has had this issue but because of the soft material used for the Dryer Balls they don't like the cold so if you leave them in a cold dryer especially in the winter months they can crack once they start to tumble.

Hope this helps!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Replacement Norwex Dryer Balls

You have asked...I have listened.  Now available by me personally Replacement Norwex Dryer Balls.  I will split open a pack and send you just one!  No need to repurchase a full set!

Thanks to M.D. for sharing her personal comments with me and allowing me to offer this great service opportunity!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Detailing Easy with Norwex!

Wow, my car looks brand new again, I didn't have to pay $250 plus to get it detailed either!  Its amazing how dirty your car gets with normal use, not too mention the grime the kids add with snacks, spills, muddy boots etc.  I am excited to share my before and after photos with you to see how effective you can detail your car using just a few products.  Keep in mind I didn't take any before photos of the mess and crumbs etc...but anyone with kids knows how littered and gross a car can get.  But I did take photos of the floors when I hand cleaned them using the Norwex Carpet Stain Buster & Enviro Cloth in minutes I hand cleaned my carpets, it was amazing how much dirt the enviro cloth pulled out check out these photos!

Carpet Before

Carpet After!

The brown stain on the right is chocolate milk!

Removed in minutes with Carpet Stain Buster and Enviro Cloth!

Heavily used drivers side

Looks much better now!

The back seat where the kids sit, notice the right side where no car mat is present there is a definate line showing where they climb up with dirty shoes etc.  The blue line shows where I had already cleaned up above, below is still dirty.

Fully cleaned back seat...looks so much better!

I was really impressed with the Norwex Carpet Stain Buster and funny thing was everytime I rinsed out my enviro cloth it too was getting cleaner!

To detail the seats, dash, consoles etc I used the Norwex Enviro Cloth I didn't have to pack buckets of water outside and I cleaned out the entire inside of my car with only rinsing the cloth once!

In the back where Sienna our family dog rides I used the Rubber Brush to remove the dog hair and bits in a snap, I was impressed how easy the dog hair wiped off!

Here is a photo of my outside carpet to show what a difference the Rubber Brush makes, the light color of my carpet in the car didn't show up well in photos so I had to improvise.

Carpet before

Carpet after, I did NOT use a vaccum on the Rubber Brush!

After cleaning the inside I ran to the car wash and did the outside and sprayed off all the yucky food stuck on my car mats.  Then I came home and dried the car off with the Norwex Car Cloth

Here are the after photos of my car wow did I save a lot of money and have a
practically brand new interior again!  Check it out!

My shiny new interior!

Kids backseat brand new again!

No more chocolate milk or sticky cereal bars allowed!

So to do this full cleaning I used the following products:
Norwex Enviro Cloth and Norwex Window Cloth for the interior which comes as a package deal!
Norwex Carpet Stain Buster along with enviro cloth to hand clean carpets.
For those with pets I used the Rubber Brush to get the dog hair, pine needles
and bits of sand out along with a vaccum.
Norwex Car Cloth to give the car a show room shine after the car wash!

You could add in the car wash mitt (I cheated and went to the car wash) and a coupon for free car cleaning and have a great fathers day gift!

Or use them in your Boat, RV, Camper as well as your home!